About me

Hello everyone! I'm Ana and I am 18 years old. I am currently studying Media in College because my ambition is to become an amazing journalist in the BBC Company. 

I started creating this blog because I wanted to improve my writing by posting different articles. I am a passionate writer and since I was young I have been loving writing and reading books, blogs, articles, everything! 

I decided to write down my feelings, moments and important things that happen in my life because it's easier to deal with them. It's much easier to write down and share with people that are in the same situation than us because we can feel that we are not the only ones. Perhaps it will help people with some situations and so I can help with some solutions and opinions.  

 My blog will be consistent in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

I hope this could help lots of you with my ideas and you are more than welcome to leave your feedback and share your ideas with me. If you are interested in any specific subject, I will be pleased to answer :)

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