Friday, 20 February 2015

Questions & Answers

As promised, I am going to do a Q&A with all of your questions made on my Fan Page.
I read it all carefully and I hope with this post I can answer to all of your doubts.

Also, it's important to say that this Q&A is not just to let you know more about me, but to help some people that are in such circumstances. For example, if some of you asked me about opinions that ocurred in your life and you don't know what to do or even if you took any actions that you don't know if it was the right thing to do, my answers are to help all of you. I am not saying I am right or follow my instructions, but you asked my opinion and I am going to give you!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you didn't do any question don't worry, you can do it next time!

1. What do you like to listen to? (As in music) :)
Well I don't have any specific type of music that I like to listen. Let's say it depends a lot on my mood, in one day I might want to listen to old school musics and in another listen to something totally different.

2. Have you thought about starting a YouTube Channel? c:
Ahm... I don't think I could do it now. I mean... Is not impossible at all! Is not something that I haven't thought about because I really would like to, however I am shy to do it at the moment. It would be a challenge for me.

3. What is the biggest ambition in your life?
To succeed. I am a very ambitious person and I have my objectives outlined. I want to succeed in all of them.

4. What feeling comes up when you dance?
Happiness and Passion. Dancing is expressing your feelings throught your coreography. Is not just doing one or two steps, no... dancing is a way of setting you free from the problems. I say this because when I am sad, when life is tricky to me, I dance and I straight away feel so happy that everything stays out of my mind. Is my refuge.

5. What is your biggest dream?
To become an amazing journalist in BBC Company and also become a professional dancer.

6. What changes happened in your life? And why did they make you change?
The most significance was defenitely moving from my country to England. It was a huge change in my life. I let everything behind, I had to accomodate to a new life, starting from the zero again. But I don't think it was a bad thing, I actually think the opposite. Yes I was and I still am sad because it's not possible to be with my friends and my family but it made me grow up, it made me be a better person, valorize the important things, have more maturity. Life isn't bad, isn't that horrible thing that some people say it is, life is a journey, is where we need to find where we belong to and conquest our objectives and to be happy. We only have one life.

7. What took you to right a blog? :)
I always wanted to right a blog I just didn't have enought courage to do it, perhaps because I was scared of what other people could think but now I feel like my blog is something personal, is something that I do because I enjoy and if I can help other people with my ideas and thoughts it's a perfect package! Also, I am trying to improve my writing for my future because I want to become a journalist. When I was little, I always wrote down my thoughts, it helped me a lot. It felt like... I wrote it, it's there, it's mine, I "talked" about it, done! Try it youself, and let me know if it helped you too!

8. Apart from dancing, what is your hobbie/job that you like and you would like to follow?
I am currently studying Media in College because I want to become journalist. One of my objectives is to go into BBC Company and work there. So in my spare times I write on my blog, it defenitely helps me a lot!

9. What is the thing you valorize the most in a person?
Trust and comprehensiveness. It's always important to have a person with these qualities in my life. Someone who I can count on with trust and someone who comprehends you when you need. I am not saying that person can't fail with me, everyone make mistakes and it's where the comprehensiveness comes up.

10. If you had to resume your life in one sentance, what would it be?
If you don't have hope in life, what is the reason of living?

11. I am thinking about doing something new to my hair. I am not sure if I cut in short or if I let it grow up. I don't know if I paint it or if I paint, what colour shall I choose?
Change your apperance is always good, so first step is done. Second step is for you to check how you like to see yourself, with long or short hair? Respective to the colour, I think blonde hair is always a good choice. I love long and healthy hair. Mine is huge and it's ombre but it takes me ages to take care of it so think about that too. If you have patient to have your hair long go ahead you have my support, but if you just want the lenght and you don't have time or patient to take care of it, cut it short.

12. Do you think I should wear make up? And what can I use to make it look natural?
I am not a huge fan of exorbitant make up so if you want to look as natural as possible, just use a simple faundation, pouder, mascara and a smooth lipstick. I only use those in special occasions or when I want to look more composed. In my daily basis I only use mascara and a smooth lipstick. Let me know if you want any ideas for any products!

13. What is you inspiration to write and dance?
I don't have a specific person but the Youtuber Zoella helps me a lot with her videos because I see myself on her when it comes to the subject of anxiety and style. She writes a blog and I see the way she does things and explain it. Go and check her Channel out. Into the subject of writing, I don't have a specific person who inspires me. I just go to my bedroom, turn my music on and I write. A calm place is a good choice to write down too.

14. What is your biggest habit, quality and defect?
My hair! I am always trying to make it look as perfect as possible. In qualities I think I am very strong and hopeful person, I don't give up easily. When I want something I go and get it, if it doesn't work it's alright, at least I tried. In defects I think I am too explosive. Sometimes I don't think before I talk.

15. What is your dream trip? And what could make it perfect?
I wanna fly to Dubai. It has been my dream tip since ever! It has sun, hot weather, the sea, the monuments are amazing, the building are original, everything looks amazing there! Just by thinking about it, it makes want to go more!

16. A song that makes a lot of sense to you?
It's actually not an english song, but it makes me think so much when I listen to it.
Player- Dias cinzentos.

17. In your opinion, what is the most important thing in a reslationship?
Trust and comprehensiveness.
"A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games".
As long as you comprehend the person you love, whether a friend or a lover, you need to dedicate your time to that person, understand their feelings and try to mold yourself to him/her. That's the beauty of loving.

18. I stoped talking with friend that I considered important because she lied to me by saying she was going to stay at home and at the end she went out with her friends on her birthday? Do you think I overreacted?
First thing you have to think is if she lied to you she might had a reason for it OR she wasn't a good friend to you. If that friendship is true and you both care about it, I advise you to fight for it and try to understand why she did that. You can't judge something without knowing both sides. Second thing, it's absolutely normal that you took that action because you were hurt and it takes time to gain trust but to love is to forgive so go ahead and solve that problem before it's too late and don't forget to be happy!

19.I dated a person for a while and when we broke up that person overcame me very fast. The problem is that I see that person everyday and I don't know how to react. I don't know if I talk to that person like nothing happened so I don't show I am bored with the situation or if I ignore that person so it does look I care about it. What do you think I should do?
It depends of the reason why you break up. If it pacific situation such as "We won't work but let's stay friends" don't act like that person doesn't exist because it does and even if it hurts you can't show that. Smile and stay strong in front of people and when you get home if you need to cry, cry! It's okay to be sad! It doesn't prove you are a weak or strong person, it just proves you have feelings and you loved her/him! Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened think about it. Wasn't better if you could stay friends? It means you didn't actually loose that person, she/he is still in your life even if it's just friends.

And that's all guys! I hope you enjoy my Q&A and leave your comments if you have any enquires! Thank you very much for your support by making your questions!


  1. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you very much Diana, it is very greatful to have support from people like you! I will keep posting and I hope you keep enjoying it!