Sunday, 8 February 2015

Traffic in London

It’s extremely difficult to travel in London without getting angry!

Every single day that I have to take my bus to go to college or arrive somewhere else, there is always a huge line of cars in front of me! 
I personaly think it’s because of the traffic lights, and I say this because in front of my house I have 2 traffic lights and one of them takes almost 3 minutes on and the other one takes only 10 seconds which causes a huge row!
The worse hour it’s usually  between 3 p.m until 6 p.m, so if you are in doubt about the time to give yourself a moment to meet London, think twice. Unless you are a patient person.
I have lived in Portugal for 15 years and I thought it was so tiring but in London it’s a thousand times worse!
Get into another subject, if you are thinking about moving to another country or have an amazing holidays in London I advise you to come! Independently of the traffic, London it’s an amazing and marvellous city to know. It has lots of green spaces and it's one of the most cities with lots of historical places.

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