Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Nivea haul: Taking care of yourself

It has been a long time since I bought a collection of creams so when I was passing through Superdrug Store I decided to go! And that was when I saw these Nivea products.
I wasn't sure about it because I never tried some of them before but if we don't try we never know and also I always loved Nivea so I knew it will be a good choice.

It wasn't too expensive, so I thought to myself "Why not?"

I picked up one for night time, 50 ml pure & natural, because I didn't have one on my creme collection. It's aimed to all type of skins and it helps regenerating my skin during the night which is superb because here in the UK the weather tend to let our skin super dry!
I am never 100% sure about cremes when I buy them until I try them out, and I have to say this one didn't disappointed me at all! It's a small package but trust me, it will last me ages because I don't fill up my whole face with it, just a little bit it's enough. This creme has its texture so if I put a lot, it won't be comfortable when I go to bed! I use this everytime before going to bed and in the next morning my skin doesn't look so bad as it used to. It looks much healthier and softer!

Another creme I picked up from Superdrug Store was the Daily Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner 200 ml. I decided to buy this creme because I didn't have a proper creme to help removing my make up and let me tell you right now that it helps a lot! This product is aimed to normal and combination skin. I tend to use this one in the mornings after washing my face and after shower so my face is cleaner and moisturiser for the day! This creme cleans deeply so the make up is removed easily! It toners and moisturisers. I mean, just by reading the word moisturisers it's reason enough to like it, who doesn't like to have their skin hydrated? I do and I love this creme! It is composed with Vitamin E & Hydra IQ.

It wasn't expensive either so it was alright. Even if it was a slightly expensive, I think a woman needs to love herself and sometimes spend time with her skin.

The next product I picked up was the typical Nivea creme, the Body Moisturiser Rich Nourishing 250 ml. I am completly in love in this creme so I picked up in a rounded shape, the only difference between these 2 is the texture. If you are having problems with strech marks, this creme is the best one! It is so rich and at the same time moisturises it. 
I picked up one for dry skin because I only have oil skin on my face, the rest of my body skin is the opposite. 
It is also composed with Hydra IQ and it deeps moisturises with a long lasting feel.
The formula with Almond Oil softens the skin and helps to restore lost moisture; the skin compatibility is dermatologically approved; its high quality ingredients are selected to work in harmony with your skin and it's free from colourants to care for your skin. I personally think that Nivea products are one of the best in the market so why not? And also it's not that expensive at all! 

I have to admit the money I wasted on them was worth it. I love all of the caracteristcs on it, the texture, the smell and the way my skin feels, it's just amazing! 

Give them a try and leave your opinions in here!

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