Thursday, 24 September 2015

KIKO Lipstick Haul

Hello beautiful people!
I did a little lipstick haul again didn't I? Yes... Well I cannot avoid it! Autumn has arrived and I didn't have any colors that could combine with it. I am in that kind of time where I don't want to acquire anything that can cause too much attention but at the same time have some color that people can notice. So I went to KIKO, an amazing store that I cannot avoid to step in and have a look into the new collection or what they have in stock. I specially love KIKO for the prices, it's not too expensive and the make up is still amazing! 

After a good 20 minutes choosing the lipsticks, I decided to pick up these amazing colors. They look AMAZING on the lips! You have to try them on, I absolutely love them! The texture, the softness when you apply them... It's just uncredible! 

The first item I picked up was the number 900 and it's a very pretty nude lipstick. I needed something like this because I don't like to use a very strong lipstick when I wear some bright colors. 

The second item I picked up was the number 913. It's a lovely rosewood and I think it suites this season really good. It is the same than the previous lipstick but in different color. 

Then, the item I picked up was the number O2 Pretty Mauve from the new collection Rebel Romantic which I am in love with! I didn't actually had more time to check out more the products but I will have to go back there again. This lipstick contains orchid extract, corn oil and gotu kola. It is a creamy lipstick with an intense and bright color. It leaves your lips feel amazing and marvellous, I mean it! And who doesn't like this cute package? It's rose gold and so delicate...

The next item I picked up was the number 402, a beautiful Dark chocolate with this cute metalic rosy package. How cute! It was a little bit more expensive but nothing like something you can't really buy it. This Crystal Sheer formula keeps our lips beautiful, working on 3 different levels by Moisturizing and plumping action, Energizing and revitalizing action and  Aging prevention


  1. I just love KIKO lipsticks. I have 4 and I love them.

    1. I know right? They are amazing, I am glad KIKO has this amazing lipstick collection!

  2. KIKO is where I get almost all my make up from <3 products are amazing and leave me looking just the way I like. Favourite make up shop after MAC xxx

    1. same here! MAC is MAC, but KIKO... I use to say KIKO is nearly the same than MAC but with cheaper prices