Friday, 25 September 2015

GYM mood | What to eat

Hello my lovely readers!

If you are in a gym mood and don't know what to eat I am here to help you! I am back to my old routine, I am back to GYM! I feel so happy *clap hands in excitement*. It's going to be a really tough year because I am so into this right now. 

Let's get back to the whole point of the blog post. 
On the other day I went to Westfield Shopping Centre with my mother. We were having fun together and we bought some amazing make up things which I have mentioned on my previous post which you can read here.
Then we passed Marks and Spencer and I wanted to buy some new food for my breakfast or snaks. Then I saw the amazing Greek Yogurt which I couldn't find ANYWHERE! So embarassed but I did bought 1kg of it *shy face* It's really good for who is doing gym. It doesn't have any sugar and it is rich of protein and energy, perfect for us! Then I wanted to buy something to go with it, some Granola or Muesli, I opted for Muesli. It's high in fibre, it hasn't got any sugar or salt. It is rich of protein and energy as well.

So today I decided to join them together with an Apple. It was so good! Better than I was expected I have to admit. I was expecting worse. Because I am really picky when it comes to food. You can't really feel the taste of the Muesli which was REALLY good for me, I can finally eat something that is good for me witouth dislike it. The Yougurt hasn't got any flavour and it hasn't got any sugar so you can imagine the taste, more or less. That's why I add a piece of fruit, either an apple, a peach, a banana etc. It gives a different taste to the meal and I love it!

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