Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I received a notification on my Inbox. I was really excited because every notification I receive from my blog I get really happy because it makes me feel like other people are enjoying my work. 

When I first started my blog I didn't expect people to read my blog. I know you may think I am being mad or something but I am not. It's true, when you create a blog those thoughts come across in your mind "I am just creating this but what for? No one is going to read, I am going to be talking just to myself". It is wrong! You must enjoy what you do, you must create content that you really want and whenever you want. It is a free thing, a YOU thing. I love writing, I love reading, that's why I want to become a journalist, and that was one of the reasons that I started this blog.

Anyway... back to where I started. Today I received an email from the blogger ( and when I look into it, I found out that I was nomitaded as a Sunshine Blogger Award. I was very pleased and I am still really happy. Thank you so much for nominate me I am so thankful for that.  

My answers
Why did you decide to write a blog?
I decided to write a blog because I want to improve my writing skills. I want to become an amazing journalist in the BBC Company so I must put effort in this. Also, since I was little I used to keep a journal, and every time I wrote on it I felt better and the sadness would eventually go away. Creating a blog was The Thing! Being able to produce contents and share them with other people... well let's just say that writing is one of my passions. And I wish that with my contents I can help some of you.

Do you have a goal in mind for your blog?
Not quite. As I mentioned above I never thought someone would actually read my blog in first place. And now I have some of you that read and comment and even nomenate me for this. I feel really greatful really pleased to all of you that read my blog and enjoy the posts. My goal? Perhaps we don't need to have a goal. It would eventually grow up.

Do you enjoy using social media to spread your posts?
Well yes! Everytime I write a post I automatically share them on my social media. It helped me a lot because if we want to find readers, they are in lots of social medias and you have to share your posts otherwise no one will be able to find you easily.

Do you schedule your blog posts?
No! I have a number in mind. 2 posts a week. And I don't post twice a week very often. I do post when I have ideas and when I feel that I want to. it's not an obligation, we don't need to obligate people to read our posts, they will noticed your effort depending on you, only! Don't worry if you don't have any comments or readers, they will arrive when you do this with joy and not just because you don't have anything to do and "Well I can earn some money out of it". 

Where is your ideal place to brainstorm and write blog posts?
In my little and cosy room. There is where I write all of my blog posts. Maybe because it is my own space, my "me" time. I always write them with music and I just let it develop.

When you are not blogging, what are your favourite activities?
Oh I love watching movies and serials! I could actually spend the intire day doing that. And of course my biggest passion, to dance. I am those kind of people that wakes up, checks out if we are or not alone and then turns on the music and starts dancing! I wish I could have more opportunities to dance to be honest...

Who would be with you during these activities?
My best friends and my boyfriend... yes, definitely!

Is blogging your ultimate dream job? If not what is?
I don't plan to live just from being a blogger, or a YouTuber. I want to be a journalist in the BBC Company! Yes, that's the plan!

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.
List the rules and display the badge on your blog.
Answer the questions.
Nominate other bloggers and notify them.
Come up with questions for them to answer.

My nomenees for the Sunshine Blogger Award
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Carina G-
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What was the reason for you to start a blog?
Tell me the story of your blog's name.
How often do you create content? And what is it mostly about?
When people recognise your work and effort, how do you feel? 
Do you plan living from just blogging? Why? And if not, what would you like to do?
Let's be honets, did you ever thought someone would ever read your blog?
What is your biggest challege as a blogger?
Where do you feel comfortable to work on your blog? 
Where do you find inspiration to write your posts?


  1. Minha querida Ana: fico muito feliz por me teres nomeado! Gostei muito das tuas respostas, sinto que fiquei a conhecer-te melhor! Eu também gostava muito de ser jornalista! :)
    Brijinhos grandes e muitas felicidades! ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Minha querida Ana: fico muito feliz por me teres nomeado! Gostei muito das tuas respostas, sinto que fiquei a conhecer-te melhor! Eu também gostava muito de ser jornalista! :)
    Brijinhos grandes e muitas felicidades! ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Hi dear! You have a nice blog, I really like it!!!
    Follow each other?
    Happy weekend,