Thursday, 10 September 2015

Liebster (dear) blogger award

Thank you so much once again for nominate me for an award. I feel so happy that I can't really explain! I know that for some of you this might not be a huge thing, but it is for me, so a huge thank you to the blogger ( 

Where do you see your blog taking you and how did you get started?
As I mentioned on my previous posts, I want to become a journalist in the BBC Company, so I needed to improve my writing and be more interactive with the audience, and also since I was little I love the idea of writing down our ideas and so I had my diary always with me. To be honest, in the beggining I was not expected having people on my blog, at all. I just thought I will be talking to myself. Altough, I have amazing readers that support me, comment and follow me constantly. A big big big hug to all of you that make me feel cherished. 

What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading?
Fashion, beauty, lifestyle... Everything basically! What captures my attention is the title of a post, if I think it's original or the subject interests me, I will give it a click.

What is something creative you did today?
Don't get the wrong idea but I just woke up and after a few things I opened my laptop and went to my blog straight away (I do that everyday!) so there is nothing creative about it.

Do you have a typical weekend and, if so, what does it involve?
For me having a good weekend is: Go to work, come back and go to gym for a good hour or more, go home, take a really good bath with bubbles and watch my serials on my computer, relax and perhaps go and meet some friends or boyfriend. Done!

Something you’ve always meant to do but not done yet?
Good question... Well... I have always wanted a car of course, I think that is my main priority now because the thing I really wanted to buy I already bought, my Canon 750D. So next priority: Car!

Best book in the world is ….?
All from  Nicholas Sparks!!

One thing you could change about yourself?
Be less stressed. But my anxiety doesn't allow me... I have days that I can be stressed the entire day, it's so stupid I know but I can't avoid.

Favourite Instagram account?
First thing I thought "Mine!" ahah obviously I am joking. I don't have any actually. I like to see pictures from everyone I don't have any in specific.

1 thing on your bucket list that you’ve already done?
Complete 2 years of my course successfully with high grades. That was the objective from the beggining and fortunately I am acomplishing them. I only have 1 more year ahead I plan to finished it with the higher grades I can get because if I want to go to such an amazing company I need to put effort in everything I do this year.

What inspires you?
Not what but who. I love Zoella, you may know her, she is very famous comparing to when I ever start watching her videos and reading her blog posts. I started following her because she suffers from the same thing I do, anxiety and panick attacks, and from her I have learned a lot! So a big thank you to her.


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My nomenees for the Liebster (dear) blogger award

My questions
Tell me the story of your blog's name

Is there any person or specific thing that inspires you to write your blog posts?

Where do you find yourself in 3 years time?

Do you thing your blog changed your life or will do?

What is the most important thing respectively to your blog?

Do you plan your posts on a notebook?

For how long have you had your blog?

Do you listen to music while you're writing? Do you think it inspires you?

Have you ever thought your blog could have someone reading it? Why?

Where do you prefer writing your blog posts?


  1. Thank you for having nominatted my blog and I'll make the response post. I have to answer all the questions ?

    1. No worries honey you deserve it! I really like to read your posts. Yes please do answer them all, it would be great xx