Sunday, 26 April 2015

Anxiety and Panic attacks

To begin, I need to be honest with you... it's not an easy topic to talk about. But because I know it's a subject that affects thousands of people, I decided to discuss it with you because I want to give hope and techniques to help people like me overcoming panic attacks.
Unfortunately, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks since I was 16 years old but I never noticed until about an year ago. 

For those who don't know what anxiety is, is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms. 
Anxiety is a common thing that everyone has. Although, there are people who have excessive anxiety which in some cases leads to panic attacks, for example.
For those who don't know what panic attack is, is a symptom of an anxiety disorder which is a very serious health problem. 

In the beginning it was really strange and scary. I couldn't breath properly, I had kind of pain in my chest and I didn't have someone to help me because I didn't know what that feeling/"pain" was.

After a while I explained to my parents how I felt because I just had a beginning of an anxiety attack in front of them... it was so embarrassing! It was then when my father told me that was Anxiety because he suffers from the same thing as well. I was not concerned about it because I thought it would go away eventually. It didn't...
After a year I could "manage it", I found my own ways to deal with it but it's still hard to deal with. 

What I feel while the attack is happening
- My heart beats so fast that I think I am having a heart attack (Palpitations)

- I can't breath properly, is like there is not enough air for me to breath (Shortness of breath. Inhale too much oxygen and not exhale enough carbon dioxide)

- I cry a lot because I am panicky (I don't feel the necessity of crying, it just comes out)

- My whole body trembles (Nervous system speaking)

- I feel cold and hot at the same time (At this stage, our body is unregulated)

- Sweating even when feeling cold (As normal, when we are nervous we sweat)

- At certain time I see everything spinning and feel I am going to fall down (Dizziness)

- I need to go outside and feel fresh air on my face. Can't stay in a close space otherwise I will be worse. For example, I am not scared of airplanes but if I have an attack in it, I will be terrified because obviously I can't get out of there (Claustrophobia)

It is very complicated when we reach that point where we can't control our feelings and thoughts and when everything seems to be more intensified. Although, we must think the panic attack won't last for hours. It is scientifically proved that a panic attack lasts only between 5 to 20 minutes. Some people affirm having 1 panic attack more than the "established time", this is not correct. They are likely to be experiencing one attack after another.

Where do I know these attacks are more likely to happen?
Unfortunately, I can't explain this with 100 per cent sure. If you suffer from the same thing as I, you will know this is not a credible question. This is because we never know when the attack is going to happen, it just happens out of the blue, it can even happen right now while I am typing. Although, I can tell you certain situations that just by thinking about them make me feel anxious.

- In a crowded place
- Some places I can't get off and so I feel struggling 
- In a queue that doesn't move
- Under water
- Somewhere I can't reach the floor
- Airplane
- Needles/ Hospital/ Doctors

CBT? Yes!
Of course after several number of attacks I couldn't deal with it only on my own so I went to the doctor and explained what was going on and asked for an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and fortunately the results were fine, although I didn't accept it because I felt that something was going on with my heart, it was not normal having blood presure always above 100 and the repetitive palpitation. So I did 2 more after a while. The results were fine again and then the doctor advised me to go to CBT sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a therapy where people that suffer from the same thing join and share their situations and face their issues using the techniques they provide. It has been an amazing experience and I highly recommend them. I still have 3 more sessions ahead and I am very excited to go. Maybe because I don't feel alone and I feel safe. By going to these sessions, I can affirm you that I feel more "normal" because I know I am not alone in this situation, that there are people out there with the same problem as I and we can face it together, we just need to say yes and let the opportunity happen. 

You are not alone, you are normal, everything is fine, you just need to take a deep breath and calm youself down. If it is a person who is making you anxious, get away from that person and breath slowly. Inhale 4 seconds, exhale 6 seconds. You will be fine! If it is a situation that is bodering you, just try to see the positive side of things, there is ALWAYS a solution you just need to think rationally and you will be fine!

I hope I could help some of you and if you have any more questions please do, I am here to help you and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 


  1. Don't worry! You're not alone!
    It already happenned with me once. It was horrible but we have to be strong, dearling! :)

  2. I know sweetie, it's very complicated and it makes us feel so bad... But thank you so much for your support, having your support makes me happy. If you have any questions or need any tips just contact me and I will help you! :)

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  4. great as always :)

    1. Thank you so much for your support sweetie I just want to let you guys happy and help you as much as I can! x