Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Photography session. Magazine assignment.

Hello again everyone, I am back! I apologize for my absence but as I told you before, I am really busy and really tired. Going to gym has taken 3 hours of my time and when I get home I just want to relax and get ready for the next day. So, if you notice I am not posting so regularly as I used to is because of that, but I will try my best to keep you up to date.

In this last term of College, we are producing the Final  Major Project, this includes a Magazine produced by our own photographs, paper work and a video advertising any object of desire we like. My choice was the perfume Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I absolutely love this fragrance, is SO good! It has this fresh smell and it reminds me of summer time and because I have it I decided to use it on my assignment. 

As I said above, I had to take my own photographs in order to produce my magazine and I decided to share them with you and once I have my magazine done I will share them with you as well. I hope you enjoy it guys!


  1. Photos are great!!!! ;) So hows the project going?:)

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! The project is going great thank you, it has almost finished. Once I receive the magazine printed I will post about it xx

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    1. Hello honey! Thank you very much for your support, I appreciate that very much! And yes of course I want to follow you. I will do it right now, thank you once more!