Monday, 31 August 2015

My make up routine

Hello everyone! 
Today I decided to share with you my make up routine. As you can see I don't wear too much make up because at the moment I have quite a good tan, so my foundation wouldn't combine with my color. However, I don't normally use foundation/powder/concealer, only in some days and because this is a make up routine I didn't include them.

First, I start with my eyebrows with the amazing Precision Eyebrow Pencil from KIKO. KIKO has been one of my favourite make up stores. Is not too expensive and the quality is just gorgeous. The color I use is in the number 02 and it's a beautiful dark brown. Because I don't like to actually design my eyebrows I just use the same colour as my hair just to improve them.

Secondly, is the eyes. I start applying a eye gel from Body Shop just under my eyes. This gel helps removing the dead skin and it makes your eyes feel more awake. It will help you with the dark circles. 

I then go directly to apply the blush. This is because I like to let the eye gel act and so leave the eyes for after applying the blush.
The blush that I normally use is the beautiful shimmer waves from Body Shop. This blush is just amazing. I think it has the perfect colors for a really good blush. It goes from dark to light and my cheeks look so pretty, it kind makes me look more healthy I don't know. 

After, I return to my eyes. I use the Kajal and Eyeliner in the number 06 from KIKO. It is a pretty sparkling brown eyeliner. I personally prefer the pencil eyeliner than the actual pen, I just found out that it's much easier to apply and we don't need to be as perfect as if we used the liquid eyeliner.

Next, I go for the Kajal pencil in the number 100. I just use a little bit of it on my under part of the eye, just to give a little bit more of a awake look. Again, the pencil I use is from KIKO. I love this black pencil. I used to use another ones from different stores but they were never good. I had to be applying it again and again and again, but with this one I don't waste any time. I just apply and that's it! I don't need to be concerned about it.

Then, I go into my favourite part, my eyelashes. I am that type of person that think that witouth mascara, the eyes are never fully finished. It make our eyes bigger, it make our eyes look more pretty and more awake. Perfect for an awake make up. The mascara I have been loving since it came out, is the mascara Lash Sensational from Maybelline. This mascara make my eyelashes appear to have double the size of the original size. I don't even need to use false eyelashes. It gives me a naturall look and I promise you, is amazing! 

Lastly but not least (at all) is the lipstick. I am now using my new lipstick from Inglot in the number 100. I love it so much! I love orangy lipsticks, I just find it quite good for my skin. Recently bought and already one of my favourites. It was not too expensive so I highly recommend you to pick that up. The texture is amazing and it lasts for a reasonable time. 

And that's it! I am ready for the day. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birthday girl

I hope you have had an amazing day today. The weather in London is horrible since I came from my holidays, and I am that type of person that gets effected really easily by the weather. BUT! I am not going to think about that because... I just turned 19!! Yeiii! I am getting old, damn it.

On this post, I decided to show you different steps of while I was at home preparing myself for the party. It is very important to refer that I am NOT an expert in make up, I just normally watch different videos and yeah... it's all about practicing. Of course I did have to do something with my hair but unfortunately it did not go how I was expecting. Is it the weather? I don't know. We all have bad hair day, it was not the end of the world. We, girls, understand this so well that I don't even need to explain.

Because my birthday gift was expensive... literally expensive... I decided not to do a huge party, just a small thing with my friends, in a restaurant where we can properly talk and have some fun. I did invite more people but unfortunately it's that time of the year where people are not here because they are in holidays, or they can't make it because of personal issues, ect. So to be honest I was not too exicted for the party. I know, it sounds odd but yeah... After all, everything was good, the food was amazing and so the music.

I love you all xx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Little Inglot haul

Hello guys!

I hope you had a lovely day today, even knowing that today in London didn't look like summer. However, it didn't stop me from going shopping, you know me... always ready to shop regardless the weather!

I am in that stage where I am not too sure what colours fit me correctly because of my skin, but today I decided to just spend a little bit of time in Inglot and try some of them out. As I already knew, pinky lipsticks are the ones that looks better on me, so I went for a really cute pinky, lilac lipstick and I don't regret because I have already tried and I was absolutely in love with it! Number 148
Next, I wanted to go for a orangey lipstick because I used to have one and I really liked it. This one, isn't too dark and not too bright, it's just... gorgeous! I know it looks a little bit like red but when you use it I can guarantee you that it will look superb! Number 100

The texture of both of them are great! It's really soft and gentle while you are applying and if you have the same problem as I do (keep biting your lips until the skin comes off), this lipsticks are great and it won't be a problem.

I know the summer is nearly finish but I love summer colours on my lips, I don't think I could ever wear a berry or a brown lipstick. I mean... we should never say never, perhaps it could look good too.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

D&G Advert video

Hi my lovely readers!

As promised, I finaly had time to edit the final work that I talked about on my post Photography session. Magazine assignment. I was so excited when I finaly saw this video done. I am so sorry if I took so long to post this but I really hope you like as much as  I do. It was really hard to finish this project but it was worth it now that it's done. 
I don't want to talk about the term "Back to school" that everyone hates, but I really look forward to go to College again. Knowing that this year will be my last year and then I can finaly realize one of my ambitions makes me feel really happy and anxious. 

I will see you soon and keep your eyes open for the next posts xx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Portugal Vacations | Lisbon is all about art

Hello beautiful people!
Unfortunately, my holidays have ended and I am back to London but I had so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot! On the day before I came back to London, I went to the amazing Lisbon with my two best friends! How could I go to Portugal and not visit the capital? 

It was great, I went to places that I never visited before and I loved it! Portugal is such a beautiful place but Lisbon is just THE place. 
In my opinion, Lisbon is all about art, the sculptures, the houses, the streets... I cannot explain, I don't have the right words, I can only say that it was on of the best days while I was in Portugal!

The weather was so good, so hot! If I am not wrong I think it was around 33 degrees, so you can picture it in your head now how warm it was. 
I love modern things but I thing I'm more into antique things, I don't know it just feels more 60's and 70's! 

The day was gone so, we went to a restaurant by the sea. The food was great, the company was even better and the weather was still amazing! Of course, after dinner we had to go to the most famous place in Lisbon "Santini". I only came to this store once or twice, but the times I went there I was always satisfied. The ice creams are THE BEST. It feels like you are actually eating the fruit and not the ice cream. If you order a mango flavour you will literally feel the taste of the mango.

One of my best friends was so speechless that she didn't believe she was actually eating an ice cream like that. 
So if you are in Lisbon right now and you are reading this, go to this store, it's worth it!