Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birthday girl

I hope you have had an amazing day today. The weather in London is horrible since I came from my holidays, and I am that type of person that gets effected really easily by the weather. BUT! I am not going to think about that because... I just turned 19!! Yeiii! I am getting old, damn it.

On this post, I decided to show you different steps of while I was at home preparing myself for the party. It is very important to refer that I am NOT an expert in make up, I just normally watch different videos and yeah... it's all about practicing. Of course I did have to do something with my hair but unfortunately it did not go how I was expecting. Is it the weather? I don't know. We all have bad hair day, it was not the end of the world. We, girls, understand this so well that I don't even need to explain.

Because my birthday gift was expensive... literally expensive... I decided not to do a huge party, just a small thing with my friends, in a restaurant where we can properly talk and have some fun. I did invite more people but unfortunately it's that time of the year where people are not here because they are in holidays, or they can't make it because of personal issues, ect. So to be honest I was not too exicted for the party. I know, it sounds odd but yeah... After all, everything was good, the food was amazing and so the music.

I love you all xx


  1. Espero que tenha corrido tudo da melhor forma e que te tenhas divertido muito!
    Estavas linda :)

    Bruna, BLOG FASHION MORNINGS (novo nome do blog)

  2. Gostei muito da tua maquilhagem. Simples mas muito bonita!