Sunday, 23 August 2015

Portugal Vacations | Lisbon is all about art

Hello beautiful people!
Unfortunately, my holidays have ended and I am back to London but I had so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot! On the day before I came back to London, I went to the amazing Lisbon with my two best friends! How could I go to Portugal and not visit the capital? 

It was great, I went to places that I never visited before and I loved it! Portugal is such a beautiful place but Lisbon is just THE place. 
In my opinion, Lisbon is all about art, the sculptures, the houses, the streets... I cannot explain, I don't have the right words, I can only say that it was on of the best days while I was in Portugal!

The weather was so good, so hot! If I am not wrong I think it was around 33 degrees, so you can picture it in your head now how warm it was. 
I love modern things but I thing I'm more into antique things, I don't know it just feels more 60's and 70's! 

The day was gone so, we went to a restaurant by the sea. The food was great, the company was even better and the weather was still amazing! Of course, after dinner we had to go to the most famous place in Lisbon "Santini". I only came to this store once or twice, but the times I went there I was always satisfied. The ice creams are THE BEST. It feels like you are actually eating the fruit and not the ice cream. If you order a mango flavour you will literally feel the taste of the mango.

One of my best friends was so speechless that she didn't believe she was actually eating an ice cream like that. 
So if you are in Lisbon right now and you are reading this, go to this store, it's worth it! 


  1. R: Costumo usar essas peças juntas e realmente fica um outfit muito giro :)
    As fotografias estão muito giras. Lisboa é Lisboa. É uma das minha cidades preferidas de sempre!

    Bruna, Blog FASHION MORNINGS (novo nome do blog)

  2. That is really nice outfit

  3. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!