Friday, 7 August 2015

Portugal Vacations | The beautiful Sesimbra

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are having an amazing week. 
On the 29th July me, my family and my boyfriend went to an amazing place, Sesimbra. Before I moved to London, I used to live in Portugal, as you may or may not know, and I never visited this place more than once, which really upsets me. I was very young when I visited so I don't quite remember how beautiful this was until now. 
If you are in Portugal, I recommend you to spend a day in Sesimbra, it's worth it!

I loved it! The weather helped a lot, it was so hot and the company helped of course!!
I have to confess the water was a bit cold but it didn't stop me to go for a little swim. I wish I could stay there longer so I could visit more places such as the castle of Sesimbra. I tried to take a picture of it from the beach if you can see on the 5th picture, right there... can you see? That small thing on the right? Yes that's it!! 

My family is just crazy as I am so the fun was more than the usual! And of course having the presence of my boyfriend made it much better.

Just by looking at the pictures you can image how beautiful this is and I don't regret any second. I mean... guys... jus look at those beautiful colours of the sea and the rest around it! It's just... oh my god it makes me speechless! If you have ever visited this place let me know how you felt and the experiences you had there, I will be more than glad to read them! 


  1. Confesso que apesar de viver em Portugal, nunca fui a Sesimbra mas pelas fotos que publicaste, fiquei cheia de vontade! :) Espero que as férias estejam a correr bem! :)
    Beijinhos grandes e muitas felicidades! <3

    Chamam-me Pequenita -

    1. I know right? Portugal is such a beautiful place I have to admit, apart from the economy it's such a nice place to spend holidays!
      Tthank you for the support and I hope your holidays are going great as well honey xx