Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Portugal Vacations | Belem and Caparica

Hello beautiful people! 
This holidays in Portugal are going great and because Belem is one of the places here tourists love to go, I went there. 

My parents arrived on the 18th July and since then we have been visiting amazing places that I really like to share with you. There is nothing better than be in holidays with your parents in this marvellous country. 
Firstly, we went to Costa da Caparica, a place where we can see lots of beaches and the ocean is just... amazing. 

While we were walking down the main road near by the pontoon, my father told me "I think there is nothing more beautiful than our coast". And it's true! From where we were, if I looked at my left I could see such beautiful things but not the whole coast because it's so enormous. If I looked at my right, the same thing happened. I was speechless along with my father, he loves the sea too. I mean... who doesn't? It's so relaxing when you put your headphones and you just focus on the ocean... I can't describe it, I think it was born with me.

After, we went for a little lunch on a bar by the sea, it was so hot that my bumb was stuck on the chair when I wanted to stand up. It was very funny actually. We drank a cold drink and it felt so good! After all, we went to Belem and of course we couldn't resist the famous "Pasteis de Belem" oh my god I love it! I highly recommend you to try them.

It was an amazing night, it wasn't cold and it wasn't hot. We felt that small breze while we were walking down the street looking at the beautiful plants and the beautiful big fountain while we were in family.


  1. Great photos, dear !