Thursday, 27 August 2015

Little Inglot haul

Hello guys!

I hope you had a lovely day today, even knowing that today in London didn't look like summer. However, it didn't stop me from going shopping, you know me... always ready to shop regardless the weather!

I am in that stage where I am not too sure what colours fit me correctly because of my skin, but today I decided to just spend a little bit of time in Inglot and try some of them out. As I already knew, pinky lipsticks are the ones that looks better on me, so I went for a really cute pinky, lilac lipstick and I don't regret because I have already tried and I was absolutely in love with it! Number 148
Next, I wanted to go for a orangey lipstick because I used to have one and I really liked it. This one, isn't too dark and not too bright, it's just... gorgeous! I know it looks a little bit like red but when you use it I can guarantee you that it will look superb! Number 100

The texture of both of them are great! It's really soft and gentle while you are applying and if you have the same problem as I do (keep biting your lips until the skin comes off), this lipsticks are great and it won't be a problem.

I know the summer is nearly finish but I love summer colours on my lips, I don't think I could ever wear a berry or a brown lipstick. I mean... we should never say never, perhaps it could look good too.


  1. I love the look of number 100! How much do these lipsticks cost?

  2. Que cores lindas, adoro adoro

  3. That's a good look! ;)
    Have a nice weekend :)

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  4. Those shades are so pretty. I may have to go pick them up. I actually tossed out about 75 lipsticks so it's time to restock.

  5. Adorei as cores :)