Tuesday, 14 April 2015

TAG #1 love/hate

Hello again everyone!

Today I am going to write a post that fortunately was asked by the Blogger Pequena no Mundo.
Thank you very much for naming my blog for this TAG and I will try my best. Also, I agreed creating this blog because you can know more about myself ! I hope you enjoy it!


Say 10 things you love and you hate
Name 10 blogs
Name the blog that named you

What I love

1- Dance
2- Being a blogger
3- Eat (even if sometimes I regret it a lot)
4- Gym and sports
5- Hot drinks (even when it's hot. I know... I am freak)
6- The combination of the sea with the sun 
7- Shopping (My biggest addiction)
8- Hanging out
9- My hair
10- Watching movies (I can watch movies/series all day long)

What I hate

1- Fake people/ lies
2- Being interrupted while I am talking
3- Rain and cold (Just thinking about it...)
4- Spiders (even the smaller ones that you can't even see, I can see them pretty big)
5- Waiting
6- Medicine and doctors (So if you see me in a hospital it's because I am really bad)
7- People that shout at me
8- Smug people (I mean... why? why be like that?)
9- Washing the dishes
10- Wake up later than my normal schedule (I know it sounds crazy, but my humour changes so much when I wake up late that I can't even support myself and my day looks bigger, so why not?)

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