Saturday, 26 September 2015

A sneak peek inside my bedroom

Hi there everyone! 

Today I am bringing you along with me into my bedroom. Where I sit down and talk to you every week, where I feel comfortable and cosy and most importantly, where I am most of the time. I love it! If is there any better place in the world to be, it's in here. It's small, it hasn't got anything very impressive or anything like that, no. But it's mine, it's my little world, it's me basically. 

It has plenty of candles (of course) as I am a huge fan of it; it has pastel colors and rose gold (of course) because it's so much more cute and gentle; it has lot of heart shapes as I am a very emotional person when it comes to love. I just think that I couldn't live without love and hope and love it's a wonderful thing when it's well preserved. 

It has fairy lights, again, in heart shapes, I just love it love it love it! I switch them on every day! It's just so cosy when the night comes. I love this time of the year, it's not too cold, the sun is still out, it's when we bring the blankets out, and everything seems more cosy, I can't really explain but I love it. 

I don't have many things in my bedroom because it's not that big so the more I have the smaller it will get so I try my best to look cute, well decorated and cosy as possible. Every time I step into my bedroom (when everything is tight up which is always... cof cof...) I feel the smell of the amazing candles I purched from different stores either the smaller ones or the bigger ones, and I just turn my laptop on and spend the rest of the day on it. 

Still, I want to make some changes to my bedroom. I am always like this, I can't have the samething in the same place for too long. Even if I substitute one thing, I feel better. It's the crazyness part of me talking so don't blame me. 

I hope you liked it, as it is a little bit personal, but I thought you would like to have a look, I like to read other people's posts when it is about bedroom inpirations, or living room inspirations. It is always good to have a different view of our own decoration, we can always find incredible things that we might like for our space.

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