Monday, 12 October 2015

One step ahead in my career | Press Association

Hello my favourite people!
Before I start I want to apologise for being absent lately. There is just too much going on in my life, which I don't complain, not at all! But I have been SO tired that I can't have the time to sit down and post. College, work, gym, home... it's too much. BUT I am going to try my best to make you happy.

So, this post is based in some amazing opportunity that came up in my life. I didn't have College on Wednesdays, but my tutor invited me to be part of some project from 9 to 13 am. This project is all about creating the skills we need for our career whether is Journalism, Film Director, Graphic Designer, Business, etc. In my case is Journalism, as you all know by now so yes I was very excited to start this project. With it, I have the chance to visit lots of companies around London and Press Association is one of them. 

On Wednesday last week, we went down to Victoria where Press Association is located and there we had such an amazing and creative time! I speak for myself, I learnt a lot! We visited the building, we met different people from different type of careers, we did interviews as an activity, just loved it!

Obviously, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, so I spoke with Tony, the person that was in charge of our tour and the presentation of the Company. I told him that I wanted to be a journalist and he instantly said "Oh, so you are in the right place". That made me smile, because suddenly I saw an open window. He took me to see the work experience place where some people were studying new techniques for journalism and he even told me I could be part of them. I was so happy and excited that perhaps I said something that I didn't want to say (laughs). He introduced me to a very kind and nice journalist. She is gorgeous! She told me Journalism was a very good choice! Her presentation was the thing I was most impressed about. She did an A to Z story of her life. For each letter she makes a word and that word has a story behind. It was spectacular. At the end, the letters X, Y and Z she didn't use. She said "I am going to use a technique that is known by journalists, which is cutting the bottom part of any information". 

At the end, Tony requested me to email him in order to talk more about the work experience/apprenticeship. I was so happy! 

I didn't take any pictures apart from the one I used for this post because I didn't bring my DSLR Camera with me because it's ridiculously huge so I apologise for that. 

I am glad that I never refuse to have something new in my life, and all of this is going on the right track because I said YES to the project! And that is something I want you to do, say YES to things and you will see that the doors will be opening gradually. You just have to be patient and do something for it.

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