Thursday, 29 October 2015

My career from A to Z

Ambition- The first thing that came into my mind was definitely ambition. I always dream and I always look forward to the next step and never giving up of anything.

Brave- Being brave and change my entire life to come to London was definitely my biggest and hardest step in my life and I am so grateful for that

College- I am in College and there I have been accomplishing projects and being part of lot of activities that get me so many ways out afterwards

Determination- A lot! If I have determination I go until the end and not refuse any opportunity that appears 

England- Moving to England in 2012 was the best thing that has ever happen to me! Now I have what I never had in my own country. 

Flop- I flop a lot and I appreciate that very much because it's from my mistakes that I grow up and have the chance to repeat them again with even more success

Growing up- I am still growing up and I will always be and I am loving the life I am having right now because my skills are growing up everyday and I can gradually see open windows.

Happiness- I am extremely happy with all of the events that are happening in my life. I feel that being happy and do things that make us happy is the key to everything.

Interest- I am those kind of people that researches everything to learn every day and to find different things that make my days more interesting.

Journey- It has been an amazing journey since I came to London, until where I am now. I have manage to know a lot of important people that have helped me a lot and I am truly thankful for.

Key words- I found those so helpful! In journalism it is a little bit hard to write down everything you hear or search for something important. So, for that, I normally use key word. If I am interviewing someone and I want to write down as fast as I can, I just use key words, so I have the important information written down and I don't loose any information at all. 

Learn- I learnt a lot and I still am! Learning is one of the most important things because it made grow up so much and I am so glad that I always put effort in everything I do.
More and More- I just can't sit still and let things happen. I rather prefer be occupied with this and that. This is who I am actually. You don't see me sitting down on my sofa or bed for too long, I always find something to do.

Neat- Oh yes I am! I like to see everything organised and in the right places. I like to have everything done and ready to go and that's how it should be because otherwise I will be struggling with the amount of things I have to do sometimes. That is one of the key to success. Be organised.

Organiser- Again, organisation is very (very) important. How can you organise yourself without a organiser? Since I bought my organiser I find it so much easier to do things. Every time I have a new thing I always write it down so I don't forget and I don't have to keep in my head and so and so. Try it, it will make you life much easier

Perfectionist- I am one of those people that always like to leave everything perfect and organised. Everything I do I always look for a perfect way to do it. That helps me a lot in terms of organisation and perhaps at the end receive a compliment. 

Questions- An important thing in my career. Making questions and understanding is what I found really important. Because English is not my first language, I found quite difficult to communicate and be comfortable with other people. So I ask them to repeat again, to explain, to clarify their opinions and so I can understand clearly. Very important tip.

Respect- Everywhere I go I always choose to respect people. I am not perfect though. Sometimes I can be really rude BUT, who isn't? If someone replies to me in a rude way, I am rude back or simply, I just walk away and that's it for me. But, sometimes we need to live with it. Sometimes the person I am describing is my Boss and I cannot be rude to them. Anyway, the point is, respect others around you so you can be respected.

Simple but sharp- I have learnt this in a harder way. If you know me, you know I write a lot, and sometimes I don't even realise! I cannot contain myself, I cannot limit myself into a word count. So, yes, that's a problem sometimes. At College when I am doing assignments I tend to write around 6000 thousand words on my last assignment. After that, my tutor told me I had to resume that at least half, I was astonished and shocked because I didn't know how, it's like I need to have everything there. Oh god, I am a freak. 

Travelling- Urrr, I hate this but... Every time I go to work or College I need to get public transport, mainly the bus. And I hate it! I use to love it, having the feeling of sitting on a bus and listening to music... Trust me, after a good amount of times you will hate it as much as I do. But, if I want to arrive to work/College, I need to take public transport, whether I like it or not. I really need to get a car.

Now, I am going to use a journalism technique, which is cutting the bottom part of any information, and I am going to remove the letters U, V, X and Z. 

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