Saturday, 17 October 2015

Amazing news!! | Press Association

Hello lovely readers!

As you know I went down to Victoria to visit Press  Association and I requested for work experience! 

I recently received an email from Tony telling me he secured me a place in work experience!! I was so excited that I think I read the same email a good 4 times! I couldn't believe I actually was accepted after all! 

I had to send my CV to Wesley, the person I am going to be with on my work experience week. I met him last Wednesday as well when we were going for a little tour around the Press Association building and he sound really nice, specially when Tony said "we have a student who wants to be a journalist. So this is the guy you need to talk about the work experience" and he replied "Oh really?" I can't really remember what he said afterwards because I was so nervous and so observed by everyone... But he sound like a really good person, hope so!

Hence, I can't wait to be there on the 26th and actually meet everyone and obtain more experience and skills. I am sure that will look amazing on my CV though. Oh my god I can't stop thinking about this!

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