Monday, 26 October 2015

Driving while intexticated. The most common issues about texting.

According to a research on how young people behave while driving, the conclusion was that most of them affirm texting while driving is not a big issue because they can "manage it perfectly". Texting is most common in Generation Z because they are known as the tech generation. Young people believe that by sending texts they are socializing, when in reality they are not.

By texting, people tend to lose their knowledge in use of English because they use what is called, slang language.

Using the mobile phone to communicate stops people from seeing each other personally.

Texting is an addiction and young people are more dependent of it as the days goes by. When young people are sending messages, they expect receiving a reply straight away. When that does not happen, young people insist and sends repeatedly messages "Why don't you reply to me?", "What are you doing for not having one minute of your time to reply to me?".

Being together doesn't mean socializing any more. Young people are together but they tend to use their mobile telephones, even knowing they are there to socialize with each other. If one the teenagers is running out of battery, he will instantly want to go home because the need of having his mobile phone charged is enormous. 

Young people have the freedom to send unlimited texts because they are provided. Multiple companies are now giving to people unlimited texts. If young people had limited texts or had to pay for each message, they would not send as many messages and would not be as addicted as they are.

Driving while texting occurs every day and it is absolutely dangerous. People are aware of that but they still do. By texting while driving, can end up in a very serious situation such as having a car accident.

The addiction of texting is so huge that young people are now using their devices while they are in a classroom. This will effect not just the person who is texting, but also the person who is reading it. Texting will steal their attention.

People are no longer independent. The need of having their devices near by is huge and the number of people who texts constantly is growing up every day.

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