Friday, 30 October 2015

9 things that make me smile

1. See people falling. Yup! I am so sorry if that was you and I saw your fall but I definitely laughed! I can't avoid it, it is just... the most hilarious thing for me. An example, when I fall I don't stand up straight away, I would be sitting there and laughing, then I will stand up and move on. Another example, my boyfriend fell in my stairs and I was there, I couldn't stop laughing, I was even crying, then I went look after him. (but still laughing)

2. Dogs. Oh my god I love these cute creatures. They are the cutest thing ever! I fancy more when they are babies and can't barely move straight but when they grow up I am still their fan number 1. When I move to my own house I want to have a dog. A Labrador. A cute, beige Labrador. Can't wait!

3. Shopping. I can promise you that if I am sad or bored and I am going shopping I will change dramatically. I don't know why but having the sensation of obtaining new clothes is just... The Thing!

4. Dancing. My passion! I cannot leave without it. But, to be honest, I miss it a little bit. I wish I could do more and be part of a group, go to shows, live that life where is all about music and dancing and comfortable clothes and big bags with lots of things for the day... Basically, this is how it used to be when I was in Portugal.

5. See my parents running away from each other. They are just marvellous. Relationship goals. Since I was little I wanted to have a man with me that looked like my father. They inspire me a lot, they respect each other, they have fun together, they don't need nobody else. They are happy and I love the family I have, couldn't ask for better.

6. My boyfriend. If you want to know what I like the most in a man, apart from physical, is essentially the sense of humour. How can somebody be with someone that don't know how to have fun? I definitely can't! And yes, my boyfriend is hilarious. He makes me laugh a lot, about everything! I love him. 

7. YouTube videos. I can probably say that I laugh out loud when I am watching videos. Specially Joe Sugg, Casper Lee, and Zoella. They are amazing, check them out.

8. The sun. Wooo, boring... I know, but trust me, if you live in the UK you know what I am talking about. When the winter comes I promise you, you will wish for a little bit of sun. I didn't care much about it when I was in Portugal because the sun is there most of the times, but in here... We can be without sun for like a week in a row. How bizarre is that?

9. A good hair day. Where on earth can you find a woman that does not like this? You can't! I am kind of addicted to hair products because I am constantly looking for the best one to leave my hair super soft and shiny. I spend at least 2 hours with my hair when I wash it and I don't regret it because it looks gorgeous all the time, and when it doesn't, a hat fixes. (laughs)