Monday, 14 September 2015

A tough and starbucks morning

Hello beautiful people!

It's 9 o'clock in the morning, I just finished work and came straight away to college. Because I only start at 10:30, I came to Starbucks, of course! And yes, I have a bloody Starbucks inside my college. How awesome is that?

I ordered a Cappuccino because I absolutely love coffee, I know I know it's not good for me but we all like things that are not good right? Although, I am hardly trying to reduce coffee of my morning routines, well... at least is not coffee coffee, is a Cappuccino, so I assume it's not that bad. Seeing the positive things in everything always!

Decided to write this post because I am in a good mood, or at least trying to! I can say that my morning didn't go very luckily. 

  • My alarm didn't ring so I felt asleep 
  • Didn't know where my earphones were (and no, I don't leave my house without them).
  • My throat hurts so much that I can't even swallow, I'm ill, damn it!
  • Because I didn't know where my earphones were and what jacket to use, I lost my bus. So, I had to walk for bloody 40 minutes!! In the morning!! In a Monday!!
But because I want to feel happy I'm just writing this post in Starbuck listening to music and drinking a perfect hot Cappuccino. Fingers crossed my trow will be more relief.


  1. Vais ver que para a próxima corre tudo melhor... :)
    Beijinhos grandes e muitas felicidades! <3
    Chamam-me Pequenita

    1. Obrigado minha querida, beijinhos e felicidades para ti tambem! :)