Monday, 2 March 2015

You don't need to create content everyday

It's totally fine don't create content every day. Always remember that you have a life outside your blog and you are not obligated to have ideas everyday for your posts. 

Every blogger should have the dexterity of writing fluently and make their followers happy with their posts. However, this situation could be reversed by the pressure of posting every day and blogging is not an obligation, at all!

If we think about posting everyday, one day we won't know what to write and we are just going to write things that perhaps doesn't make sence. This situation can happen over and over again until a time where blogging is no longer a happy hobbie to do but an obligation.

  • If you don't have frequent ideas, produce weekly posts
  • Research about topics and write about them (note: don't copy, make it on your own words and ideas)
  • Visit places and talk about them. Their history, what it means to you...
  • Get a notebook and write down your subjects.  Organise them with suggestions and ideas
  • ALWAYS keep your notebook in your bag, you never know what can come up on your head
  • Set yourself any target
  • Leave it for another productive day
  • Go through your old posts and edit them 
  • Edit your templates, images, fonts, colors... You will never be "offline" from your blog and people will love the fact of you being so productive
  • Do not push your self too hard, let the ideas come spontaneously, you will notice it will be much easier and you will have fun with your blog

Right... Have you ever thought about it?
If you don't know what to write and nothing comes up in your head, share your old posts! 
Don't think just because you wrote a post, you can leave it behind and get ready for the next post. That's not correct. My advise is to NEVER leave your old posts behind, share it on your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, VK etc, so people will always be up to date with all of your posts.

The key words are share it and re-share it. Keep sharing your posts no matter how old they are. With this idea, your posts will never "get lost" and you will not be "offline" from your blog.

Also, try to edit your older posts if you think they didn't have as much visualizations as the others had and afterwards share them! It's always a good method.

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