Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Haul

It has been a while since I did my last spring haul. And why? Because it's Spring time guys!
Spring it's finally here and I am so excited to feel the warm sun that makes us feel so happy and much more calm! I love the sun,  I am totally a different person when it's sunny outside! See the flowers appearing in the trees... everything looks so green and happy, the combination of the blue sky and the sun it's so marvellous! 

The only problem it's just my allergies... yes... I do have them during almost the three months of Spring. The pollen isn't my friend I have to admit but it's ok, as long the sun is out!

So based on the spring season, I set myself free to buy some blouses that I really enjoyed and share them with you. 

I went into two different stores to adquire my clothes. One is internationally known, Bershka and the other store, Boohoo, I just know because of Zoella's videos where she once mentioned about this store and once I access to it I instantly felt in love! The prices aren't that expensive and not that cheap, it depends. Unfortunately it doesn't have a proper to store to go and try the clothes on so I just have to guess that it will fit me quite well and I never dissapointed myself to be honest... If any of you is interested in the website
Bershka is a good thing because we can go directly to the store and try the clothes on and have them straight away, but if you don't have time to go and collect from the store, you can access to their website and you can buy online! If you are interested in the website

I hope you enjoy this little haul and I hope I could give you some more ideas for your clothes collection. 

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