Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week's favourites

Happy weekend! This week I decided to write about my favourite products/objects of the week as I never done one.
This 8 products I chose are my favourites since a while so... why not write about them?

The first product is the perfume ghost eclipse eau de toilette. This perfume is one of my favourites at the moment. It literally smells amazing! And the best thing is when I use it in the morning it lasts me for the whole day so I don't need to keep it on my bag (it's always full of things!). The one I bought was on the store Boots and it wasn't expensive, so give it a try and you won't regret it! To be honest, I use it quite a lot so I am almost running out of it and I definitely want to get another one. The smell it's so soft and at the same time so exotic, I cannot even explain but you MUST try it, trust me!

The second product is the camera Cannon Ixus 155. I bought it recently, last month to be more precised, in the store Currys. The price wasn't too high and for such brand I couldn't leave it there while it was staring at me and screaming at me "please take me, please take me". It's a camera with 20 megapixels so you can imagine the quality of it. And also, when I bought the camera I had to get a memory card and I was informed that if we buy a really goos camera but the memory card isn't as good as the quality of the camera, the pictures won't be that good, so I just bought a 8GB memory card with high quality. They work absolutely superb together. By the way, it's this camera that I take my pictures for my blog so if you want to make sure about the quality, have a look at them on my previous posts.

The third product is the mascara Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black. I can't leave without this mascara! It's just perfect! It has everything that I want. It lasts until I clean it off, it's black, it makes my eyelashes much bigger and beautiful, it realces my eyes, when I use it, it automatically seperates my eyelashes from each other so they don't look so sticky and with those black things when it looks like we put the whole package on our eyelashes (Hope I made myself clear). I think I have bee using this mascara for about 5, 6 months and I have tried different ones and let me tell you that there is none comparing to this one.

The fourth product is the Tresemmé Keratin Mask and I bought it in Superdrug store. I am going to be honest... I did only use it twice, altought, it was enough to instantly fall in love with it. My hair felt so soft and so shiny that when I was brushing it I couldn't feel those hitches. The function of this mask is to protect our hair from getting dry and broken, and it helps strightining after we blow dry it. This mask works together with the 2 next products below.

The fifth product is the Shampoo and Conditioner of the Treseme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection. I chose to put this products on my week's favourites because I use them on my daily basis and I think I need to share with you the same feeling that I feel when I use them. These products helps us to get a salon-gorgeous hair at home for 7 days up to 3 washes. They are not pricy, and even if it was, I think it's always good to give a try to some of these products. If you are like me and you like to feel your hair really soft and odoriferous, and you straight it often I think these might be the right ones for you. It's also important to refer that the next product is also from the Tresemmé collection and it helps the Shampoo, the Conditioner and the Mask to work altogether.

The sixth product is the 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment. This helps your hair from being protect by the heat of the the blow drier or the straightner and it smells amazing! This is the product that helps your hair from lasting up to 3 washes with the straight effect so you do only need to use it on the first wash and after the 2 next washes is not necessary but if you are like me and you want to make sure use it after every wash.

The seventh product is the new Iphone headphones. I know it sounds a little bit strange to mention this on my favourites but this is defenitely the product I use every single day. I am no one without music and with a good quality headphones, it's even better. I think it's one of my healthy adictions. They are a little bit expensive but not something exorbitant so if you can afford it I recommned them. I mean... Apple has really high quality products and I cannot complain about them, because I am always satisfied with their products.

The last but not least product, is the lipstick I Found Nemo from the gorgeous Tanya Burr that I bought in the Superdrug Store, again. she is a YouTuber and I started to watch her videos because of the amazing Zoe Sugg, know as Zoella. This lisptick was really hard to find, which is awkard because of the name! I had to pre order it and wait at least a month to finally have it. I love the smell, the texture, the colour, how long it lasts, everything! So... congratulations Tanya, you did a very good job! She has a huge range of them but this was the one that called my attention. They are a little bit pricy for just a lipstick but because of the qualities, I think it's worth it.

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