Sunday, 29 March 2015

Green Tea. Get to know the secrets!

Just to let you know, today I decided to start doing Gym... again! I know I am not a quitter I just get too disappointed when I can't see any difference. But the secret is being patient and don't look at the mirror everyday to notice any difference because that's the worse we can do.
Leave the mirror alone for 2 weeks (only if you are going to look at it because of your body) and you will notice the difference. That will help you getting courage to keep up.
After some research and based in some comments, I decided to start and do not stop until Summer time! Now I know what to do and I have motivation! I am willing to go 5 days a week and of course pay attention to what I eat. 

Now... the exciting part... Do you know Green Tea can do miracles? Well... not exactly miracles, but some really amazing things that you probably didn't know. 

  1. It helps you reducing weight 
  2. Detoxifies
  3. Speeds up the metabolism
  4. Facilitates digestion
  5. It's good for your skin because it's taken from the Camellia sinensis plant, has high concentrations of antioxidants and C and E vitamins which acts against wrinkles.
  6. Prevention of heart disease. Its compounds reinforce arteries, decrease cholesterol and blocks the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels wall.
  7. Prevention of inflammation of the gums and even malignant breast and mouth tumors.

Isn't this great? I have always loved tea, but I never had a specific one that I could drink everyday. My mum always forced me to drink tea when I was ill and I never knew why until recently. Green tea is an amazing option for people who are in diet or are in some bad health situations.

Although, there are some ways of drinking it, so is more effective. My advice is to drink it 30 minutes before any meal, and 2 hours after. This because there are some people that can't drink liquids with an empty stomach or people who get heartburn and sick when drinking something after meal. 

Drink twice or three times per day and in 15 days you will notice a huge difference! If you have any questions or need any tip you are more than welcome to do it, and I will help you.

Tip: I highly recommend people who are in diet to drink Green Tea, it's a way of helping you losing weight and speed up the metabolism so the fat doesn't remain in your body and create cellulite.

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