Thursday, 26 March 2015

Free from assignments this term!

I can finally take a relief breathe! The assignments and exams epoch have finished. 
This term was really hard to manage because of the diversity of assignments we had to do. 
I am doing a Digital and Creative Media course and I am already on Level 3 first year which means I only have this and next year to study and then I will be prepared for the Work World which to be honest, scares me a little bit. The course I am doing is all about the Media World:
  • Television
  • Advertisement
  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Graphics
  • Films
I really like it thought, but it's really hard to manage everything. For example, the last assignment I had, we had 4 weeks to complete it, so imagine how hard that was, but I finally finish it and I am really proud of my hard work! 
I am working, studying and taking my GCSEs at the same time, it's a little bit complicated and tricky... can't lie, but if we know how to manage our time we will have time for everything and perhaps have a spare time for our lifestyle outside College World. 
Some of my friends are already in Holidays since last week but I am not, only at the end of this week which makes me SO happy! This term felt so big that I was absolutely looking forward to see the end of it. 
The media sector I want to follow is Journalism. I know it takes a lot of our time and it's really hard but with effort and practice I will succeed and that's one of the most important ambitions I have at the moment. 

2 weeks free from College... feels so good!

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