Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Talent Show 2015. One step ahead.

This is one of the most amazing things I love to do. Dancing is the only thing that can change my day when sometimes seems everything goes wrong.
I can't have a proper definition for what dancing is, what does it means to me. I just know that it's a way of expressing our feelings without speaking, a way of let all our problems behind and just have those 3 amazing minutes of JUST US!

When I notice, I see myself smiling and laughing when I am dancing, I don't know... It's just a thing that was born with me and will die with me even if I am a really old lady. I will dance until I can't stand anymore.

I give everything of me to the dance, I let happiness enter into my body and I just feel the vibe inside and I create moves. 

Since when I was little I wanted to go to another country and go to a really good professional dance school and realize my dream, to become a professional dancer and have my own course so I can teach to others what I know, what dance is and let other people fall in love with the dance in the same way I am. 

Iif anyone asks me "What do you think about dance?" I smile. I smile because I have no words to describe it! If you think about it no one dances sadly, only with a smile on their faces! Even if they don't know how to dance which in my opinion that doesn't exist! There Everyone know how to do everything, but that means to put effort in it, to dedicate yourself to that only thing. And then, there are those people that were born with certain gifs. It's a mistery.

I have been dancing since I was just a little girl with 4/5 years old and unfortunatelly I didn't have no one to teach me how to dance and for 6 years I had to teach myself by watching TV Shows and just by listening musics and create my own steps. Then, I went into a dance group in my old country for 2 years. I learned A LOT, and it was the best experience of my life! No doubts! 

I am in London now, the country of opportunities and I am going to hold into that with everything! And most important, I will never, never, going to give up on what's truly important for me. My dream.  

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