Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day ♡

I know I am a little bit late as the day was yesterday but I still wanted to write an article about it.

I think Valentine's Day it's an amazing day! I know that some of you think that those dates are not so important because Valentine's Day can be any day! It's totally true but let's think about it... If it was a simple day, it wouldn't be on the calendar to commemorate.

On the Valentine's day, it's where people share their love for the person they are with. It's to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with lovely gifts and take him or her to a gorgeous restaurant.

Obviously, not everybody does the same! Which is fine. Some couples prefer to be at home, watch a movie, eat popcorns and sweets, being rolled up in a cosy blanket and cook for themselves. I personally love this idea, but once in a while feels good to be taken to a superb restaurant.

However, the Valentine's day can be very stressful for some people who can't decide what to give to their lover. And when comes to cook, everything goes wrong! The more I think about it, the more it stresses me. BUT, don't worry about it, your lover will understand and even if it tastes bad, he or her will say "hmm, it's...good; "yeah... it's good... yes", when obviously IT'S NOT, which makes me laugh a lot. It's ok to fail and certainly will be better next time. 

I received a beautiful rose with a card. I love flowers so I am really happy with it.

And you, what did you receive on such special day?


  1. Just read through nearly all your posts, and OMD you need to give me blogging pointers, ive only just started out but i really like your blog and the photos are amazing, what do you use?