Monday, 16 February 2015

Is London good enough?

Some people say London isn't as good as some others think. The weather doesn't help at all, people are rude, it has too much traffic and things are expensive.
In my opinion, London is a country with good and bad things and the same happens with other countries: Poverty is everywhere, good and bad weather is everywhere and the same happens with rude people.
I have experienced all of the situations above!

It's true that London has a horrible weather in Winter and Autumn, the temperature reaches 0 degrees and sometimes even less. It snows, it rains a lot and we need to wear hats, gloves, cosy socks, scarfs and boots. Altought, London it's gorgeous in winter time!

In London, the houses are prepared to help people supporting the cold. because it has central heater, so it feels so good when I arrive home and the difference between the cold of the street and the warmth of the house it's vastly different!
In Summer, London it's completly different! It's very hard to support the warmth. When the temperature reaches 30 degrees it correspond to 40 degrees in Portugal, which is a lot! I have experienced it and it feels horrible being at home. It's too hot and I feel myself boiling!
What I do when it's hot it's what almost everyone does. We go to the garden and we lay down and we do little picnics. Iit's amazing, I love it!

Going into the subject of people behaviour, I personally think that rude people are everywhere! I hate when people say that Portugal or England are completly different because people are not rude in Portugal or vice versa. No! It's not like that. I personally think that in London people tend to be much nicer because of the tourism. It's a country where every single culture come to visit or to live here. The tourism in this country it's so big that in sometimes I ask myself "What language that person might speak?".

A good solution for this it's very simple. Be happy, don't care about what others might or not might think about you! Be always polite and smile, even when someone isn't good enought to you. With your reaction, the other person will think "I want to be like this" or "I need to change my mood" or even regret about the way of they talked to you.

As I mentioned on my first post, "Traffic in London", the traffic in here is horrible! It's exhausting! Between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m it's the worst time, so I think twice before leaving home. Sometimes I am in a good mood and I don't really care about it and I just go out and do whatever I have to do and it's alright. It's kind of psychological. If we think that everything is going to be alright and we are not going to stress just because of the traffic, the journey goes alright, if we think the opposite, obviously it will go wrong.

According to the price of the things in London, it's simple. Don't go to shops where your wallet doesn't agree with. If I have 20 pounds on my wallet, obviously I am not going to "Victoria's Secret" store, I might go into "Bershka" or "H&M". We are the ones who can manage that and control ourselves. Comparing this situation to Portugal, I have to say that it's much easier spend 20 pounds in a par of jeans than spend 20 euros in a pair of jeans in Portugal. I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but it's true. In London we can earn more money, we don't need to think tree or four times before buying something. I am not saying there aren't people who can spend this and that easily, certainly not! I am just saying this for the people who think that clothes or food are expensive.

A good solution for this can be the control. Try to control yourself before buying anything, if you can't afford something don't buy it, wait for another occasion where you can buy and breath freely. Another way it's to save money. If you really want something and you don't have enough money, don't spend money on little things that you don't necessarly need. Save a little budget so when you reached your goal, you can satisfy yourself with the present you really wanted.

I hope I could help some of you with my ideas and be more than welcome to discuss this subjects with your friends or family!

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