Thursday, 12 March 2015

25 facts about me

1-When some important date is approaching, I get very anxious

2- When I am cold, my humor changes 100%

3- I cannot accept a "no" easily in some situations

4- I am a very emotional person

5- I am always arranging my hair. I can't leave home when my hair isn't good enough

6- I dance since I was 4 or 5 five years old

7- I hate waiting for other people's replies when I text them

8- I am shopaholic. Yeah... true...

9- In my country I used to go near the sea when I wanted to refuge myself, I just love staring at it for hours

10- I am totally not a fashion person at home, I just wear a pyjama bottom with anything on top and messy hair

11- I love Monopoly!

12- Hate the rain, love the sun. My mood is much better when it's sunny outside

13- I cannot go out without my essentials in my bag. When I forget them, I feel naked

14- I always see myself with headphones. I am no one without music

15- I need to have my phone always near to me, even if I am not using it

16- I want to start doing a watches collection 

17- I am very shy when I meet new people

18- I had my dance group for 2 years and it was the best experience of my life

19- I am absolutely weird when I am alone at home. I mean... weird it's good right?

20- I love maths but I forget everything when I am doing my exams

21- Can't support a full shopping, makes me anxious, as well as huge rows

22- Can't find one pair of sunglasses that suits me, my head is too small, I have to try on the kids section

23- I could not support anyone who touches on my feet until my boyfriend fixed it... It was hilarious

24- When I see a spider I get speechless or I scream and when I notice, everybody is staring at me like I am a crazy person

25- I love sports but I can't keep up!

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