Thursday, 26 November 2015

YouTube videos | Yes or No?

Hi loves!

Since probably last month I have been thinking about YouTube a lot! Literally a lot! I cannot stop watching videos and more based on "How to start a YouTube Channel?" "What equipment to use". Turns out I only have the camera. Which isn't that bad. 

Every time I watch videos on YouTube I feel like "Can I do this?", "Am I good enough?" but then I think that there is no such thing as trying and see where that takes me, because otherwise we will never know. 

I got my camera in August,  Canon 750D, which is a really good camera but the rest is missing. Tripod, Lights, program to edit, microphone. It's a lot! So, I was thinking to start filming videos without the whole equipment and just start with the camera only and see how is going to be.

I was wondering maybe this week I will give it a go BUT I have been so ill! I have been at home for 3 days now with high temperature, around 38, 39 degrees, an infection on my throat and headaches. So, obviously I couldn't film. Not quite sure if that's a sign or if is just this horrible weather!

There is a lot to think about before starting, so I am so so SO nervous and SO undecided that I cannot pick up my camera, put it on a high place and press record.

Shall I do it?.... Shall I just stick with the blog? 

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